Response.Redirect doesn't work in Modal Dialog of IE11

Won’t fix Issue #306238


Jun 10, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Create a index.html page, put a html button ‘ShowDialog’ on it, add onclick function for this button: onclick="window.showModalDialog('1.aspx’,null…);"
  2. Create one aspx page: 1.aspx,
    put a button ‘To 2nd Page’ on it, add onclick function for this button in cs code file, which has only one line: Response.Redirect(“2.apsx”);
  3. Create another aspx page: 2.aspx
    Put some text on it
  4. Deploy all the files to IIS: localhost/testsite/
  5. Open index.html with IE11: localhost/testsite/index.html
    Click ShowDialog to popup a dialog, and then click 'To 2nd Page’. The problem is : 2.aspx is always open in a new window, but not the dialog itself.

Expected Results:

For modal dialog, if you like to redirect to another page, the redirected page should be open in the dialog itself.

Actual Results:


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