Scrollbar shows up incorrectly when status bar is visible and page is zoomed while window is maximized

Fixed Issue #3153717


Jun 10, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Here are the steps to reproduce:
-Maximze the window
-Make sure Menu bar, Favorites bar, and Command bar are not shown
-Make sure Tabs are shown on the same row as the address bar (See attached picture)
-Make sure Status bar is shown at the bottom of the window
-Set zoom of page to 125% in the status bar
-Open F12 dev tools (Make sure they are unpinned, if they are pinned to the bottom of the window, the bug will not show)
-Find the div with id="all" and uncheck the “overflow: hidden” css style
-Hover your mouse over the “Outputs” tab at the far right of the screen

Result: A scrollbar will appear.
-Open this link in IE11
-Maximize the browser window
-Make sure the status bar is showing, the command bar is NOT showing, the favorites bar is NOT showing, and the menu bar is NOT showing
-Set the page zoom to something other than 100% (in my case I set it to 125%)
-You will see a scrollbar appear on the right side of the page, covering up one of our UI elements. The scrollbar will not be actually scrollable.

Expected Results:

We expect that the scrollbar would not appear.

Actual Results:

Dev Channel specific:



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