Print Templates print preview window closes unexpectly when printing document

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Jun 22, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

To see the full effect of the issue, first ensure there is a window from another application (like Windows Explorer) that will cover the sample applications window if brought to the foreground (making the Windows Explorer window full screen works).
Start the sample application (and ensure that the full screen Window Explorer is the next application to activate).
Then in the drop down box in the top right corner of the UI select Template8.htm.
Click the Print Preview button that is just below the drop down box (this will open a new Print Preview window).
In the new window click the Print… button (this will open a Print dialog).
Click the Print button at the bottom of the Print dialog.
The Print dialog closes (expected) and then the Print Preview window also closes (not expected), however the document is still printed successfully.
When the Print Preview windows is closed unexpectedly, the Windows Explorer window is brought to the foreground (obscuring the sample applications window).

If you reselect the sample application and click the Print Preview button again, the Print Preview dialog is not displayed unless you restart the application (this looks to be a symptom of the same issue, not a separate problem).

Expected Results:

Document should be printed and the Print Preview window should remain open and in the foreground (this is still the behaviour with IE8). Closing the print preview window should then allow it to be opened again.

Actual Results:

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