SVG Mask Failure - When applied with a transform that causes the mask bounding box to not intersect it's original.

Confirmed Issue #4676287 • Assigned to Bogdan B.


Sep 22, 2015
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In the isolated example: a small source shape (used for the mask) and a large target shape (the target of the mask) is defined. An instance of the source shape is placed and coloured blue to show it’s original untransformed shape. Two groups with scaled transforms contain instances of the masked target and also instances of the source shape overlayed with low opacity to help visualise the transformed mask.

From this example it can be seen that the when the transformed mask shape intersect the original at all, the mask works. And as soon as the transform causes any separation between the transformed and original shape, the mask suddenly fails.

Expected Results:

The mask should work even when the transform separates the bounding box of the original and transformed masks… this is clearly a bug.

Actual Results:

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Dev Channel specific:



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