Microsoft Edge doesn't work with Windows Integrated Authentication

By design Issue #4776775


Sep 29, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

*I open Microsoft Edge
*I type the url of my website or Reporting Services website (either with http://localhost/ or http://mymachinename)
*The error described above occurs.

Expected Results:

When Accessing my website or Reporting Services websites it must:
*Use Windows Integrated Authentication and display the website inmediately
*Ask for windows credentials and load the website correctly.

Actual Results:

Dev Channel specific:



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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. Localhost access can be used to escape browser sandboxes, and so Edge used to block it completely. However, some sites and scenarios required localhost access, and so after careful analysis, we enabled localhost for the Internet app container only. We also special-cased “localhost” as an origin to render in the Internet sandbox so that it could access localhost. A consequence of that is this bug, because WIA (Windows Integrated Authentication) is not supported on the Internet.

      A work-around for this is to
      1.      Enable loopback in the intranet app container as described here
      2.      Access your localhost machine by using its fully qualified domain.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • Hi MS Team:

      IN a brand new clean machine Windows 10.0.15063, tried all the steps (internet zones, enable loopsback with CheckNetIsolation, etc, etc and I still cannot access localhost (in my case for Power Bi Report Server)

      It is extremely frustrating! : I have been able to do it with IE, Chrome, Firefox, but not Edge

      Any updates? Ideas?

    • Right now, the problem persists. The workaround to enable loopback in the intranet, only allows the browser to find the website but the authentication is still failing. Any other browser works perfectly.

    • This bug makes also impossible to use Edge as a debug browser in VS. I have to use Chrome in order to debug websites.

    • It’s time to switch to use Chrome + Visual Studio for LOB development now.

    • I would really like to switch the default browser in my Environment to Edge, we have 3000 Windows 10 stations set to IE but no pass throughout NTLM for local domain IIS websites is a real show stopper for us.

    • Same problem here.

    • Please I beg MS to do something as for now I do a lot of debugging and each F5 I do pops the windows authentication dialog box asking me the credentials. It’s insane. I don’t want to use IE11 since now we can use VS 15.7 to debug in Edge.

    • There are many issues with Edge driving us to consider switching to Chrome, but this one may be the one that put us over the “edge” (pun intended). Come on MS!!

    • Too many problems using Microsoft EDGE, use Chrome or Firefox

    • Any news on that issue?

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