IE11 reporting different event targes on SVG onclick triggering on SVG text in a tspan element.

Confirmed Issue #5127785 • Assigned to Rossen A.


Oct 22, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Load the attached SVG document in IE11 - the current browser for corporate Windows 7 world.
If its fixed in newer versions of IE that’s fine, but much of the corporate/govt world on IE11 and not moving any time soon.
Note: I had to ZIP up the SVG because the file attachment form does not allow SVG attachments. What?!

Expected Results:

Consistent behavior - the element clicked on should be the target - always. In this case, ALWAYS the <tspan /> - no mater where on the text of the tspan the user clicks.

Actual Results:

Dev Channel specific:



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