sourceURL of eval'd script snippets will not be included in error.stack

Confirmed Issue #5143602 • Assigned to Bo C.


Oct 23, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Navigate to the test page at

This page generates tests for this issue.
The browser window will display the sourceURL and sourceText to be used in the tests.
Results of the tests will go to the browser console.

There are four tests. All of them call a variation of
eval('(function() { … })');
and then call the resultant function.

All four of the test script snippets are available in the debugger window with the desired sourceURL.

All four of the tests generate an error.

The first two tests do not catch the error and it is logged to the console with the desired sourceURL.

The last two tests do catch the error, log the error.stack and then rethrow the error.
The error.stack does not have the desired sourceURL.
The logged error does not have the desired sourceURL.

Expected Results:

  1. The sourceURL of eval’d script snippets should be entered into the error.stack.
  2. When an error is thrown (and not caught) then it should log the error.stack to the console automatically. Chrome’s implementation seems best - the error.stack is initially collapsed but can be expanded by clicking on a toggle next to the error message.

Actual Results:

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