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Oct 30, 2015
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Repro Steps:

Just enter one of the following websites

Expected Results:

The animations should animate.

Actual Results:

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    • As far as I know/see is, that “animation/transform” is not yet implemented:

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    • These samples use SMIL animations, which is a feature Edge doesn’t support. We have no plans to support this animation technology and Chrome plans to deprecate SMIL as well.

    • According to mozilla docs + the chromium team themselves, "the Chrome developers have since suspended that deprecation". [1]

      You can read further into the google groups discussion [2] which also provides more context.

      The SMIL language and syntax provides many benefits/functional features (as well as ease-of-use) that would otherwise require extensive javascript to execute.

      Is there a particular reason why the EDGE team would not implement such features that enhance fluidity in the web-browsing experience for all users?


    • What is the status of this bug? SMIL is supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox:

      We use svg animations also for narrowcasting environment and there is one env. which uses Edge browser as player. ATM we have to do it with a javascript fallback for Edge. That means more code to maintain for such a simple thing.

      Is there a particular reason why the “edge” team hasn’t implemented it yet?

    • It looks as though some SVG animations work in Edge, and some don’t. Compare the way this animation runs in Edge (the same as in Internet Explorer 11) with the way it runs in Firefox:

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