Can't move Microsoft Edge back from right hand side of screen?

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Nov 9, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

To reproduce: 1. open an Edge screen 2. move the window towards the RHS of the screen 3. open up ‘new tabs’ from the edge browser, until you can only see tabs along the top of the screen - then try and get the Edge browser window back into the centre of the screen?

To ensure it can be reproduced you need show only perhaps 10% of the window on the RHS, if you show more there is a very small area of perhaps 10 pixels which is available to you to drag, but if you show less then there appears to be nothing you can select to drag the window back on?

Expected Results:

There needs to be an area of the LHS of the screen to the left of the tabs which you can click on to ‘drag select’ - I currently can’t spot such an area?

Actual Results:

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    • When it happens to you this is a real light bulb moment. I was troubleshooting some code and had several browsers open, each running several tabs. Somehow I must have moved edge to the right and maybe opened another tab I don’t know but all of a sudden, no way to drag the window back.

      You’ve only got two of us highlighting it to you - but trust me when it happens to users they will think ‘how on earth could someone design something so stupid?’

      When it happened to me last night under pressure I certainly was not praising the design of MS edge. I hope someone gives it some thought.



    • Today for the first time in Windows 10 my Edge browser window did the same thing as mentioned above and on another Microsoft web page: I parked the Edge window against the left side of my far left screen (of three monitors) and thereafter couldn’t move it. Neither were tabs visible anymore. The window took up about 80% to 90% of the screen. Clicking the top-most pixel of the Edge window at the top of the address bar didn’t work either, as mentioned above. Nothing I did would move the screen, including alt-spacebar and selecting move (as mentioned in another Microsoft help page). But when I clicked on the lower right corner of the window so the resizing arrow appeared, and then shrank the window so that it was about 4" x 4" (scrunched up in the top-left corner of the monitor’s screen), suddenly the tabs appeared again. I resized the Edge window back to the size I wanted it, and then successfully moved it to another monitor. Problem solved (for now)! This is a bug. It will not go away until someone spends an inordinate amount of time chasing it down.

    • The ALT-Space, [M]ove trick certainly works in this case - just as it has for years in Microsoft Windows. But, guys - this really needs to stop happening. It’s been literally decades and this still occasionally plagues people. There is no reason for Window controls to go completely off screen.

      In my experiences as a Network Administrator supporting users, this happens more to people that are connecting/disconnect to external monitors than others.

      There is no way that a majority of users remember or are remotely aware of the ALT-Space [M]ove trick. They shouldnt have to be. This problem should have been addressed decades ago.

      If Edge is the only browser on their computer, then they have no recourse but to request help. They cant open a new window, because Edge will keep opening new windows off-screen.

      This is a waste of time and resources.

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