FEATURE REQUEST: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Won’t fix Issue #563171


Jun 30, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Go to type a long email, or facebook post, or web comment, or fill out a lot of form text boxes on a site. Then, click on a text box that is not editable, or accidentally touch the mouse touchpad, so that cursor focus leaves a text box. Or let a pop-up move cursor focus without your knowledge. Then try to delete the last character you typed. The browser will go back a page, you will lose ALL the text you spent an hour typing, and will have to start over. And yet you have not once tried to go back on a page by pressing backspace.

Expected Results:

Backspace deletes text when pressed while focus is in text area, or does nothing when focus is not in text area. I know you think that the expected behavior is for backspace to go back a page when pressed out of text focus, but that is because you are not thinking like ALMOST EVERY USER IN THE INTERNET! You should change this.

Actual Results:

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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • Please remove won’t fix tag and think again :)

      There is no need to customize keyboard shortcuts, but shortcut for backspace button should be removed.

      People are not using backspace key to go back in history. People use backspace key to remove characters that they have been typed. Use telemetry data to check that.

      Jumping back and losing all your entered data is bad. Also that logic violates principle of least astonishment https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_least_astonishment

      Please think again and do a better browser for all people!

    • Thanks, Yaroslav.  This feedback should be provided in the Feedback Hub as it relates to browser user experience.

    • Also, similar problem is listed in Windows Feedback app

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