IE11 memory leak on heavy IMG.SRC = "<base64 string with image data>"

Won’t fix Issue #563226


Jun 30, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps: (Only by private request as its is an enterprise site)

Go to

Login With credentials.

(during my beta testing I allow
these kind of credentials – normally strong pws are enforced)

When you see the portal click on
the “Kinect” button

In the Kinect Portal click on
the “Kinect Cameras” button

In the camera portal click on
“Toggle Images”.

Now you will see two “IMG”s
showing that will be updated every second.

Open your F12 tools and go to
the Memory Profiler.

You will see the total memory
going up constantly!

If you “toggle Images” (off) the
memory increase stops – but its not “free’d”).

Take a heap snapshot at any time
….and later again. You will NOT see any additional objects or memory between
the snapshots

ERGO: => Memory leak in IE.

Do the same test with Chrome and
you will find the memory going up for a couple seconds, but then drop down to
normal. They do flush the (whatever caches the images) occasionally.

Expected Results:

This should not cause memory leaks

Actual Results:


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