IE11 - it is not possible to type Japanese two-byte characters in table aligned to right which is inside contenteditable element.

In code review Issue #5653807 • Assigned to Brent M.


Dec 1, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

To reproduce:

  1. Put the file on server and run it in IE11
  2. Click inside a table and set language to Japanese Hiragana
  3. Once language is changed and focus is inside the table, try typing ‘ki’ on keyboard.
    Focus will be moved out of the table.

Please also see: (the problem is reproducible in IE11 as well and not only the editor)

Expected Results:

It should be possible to type two-byte characters inside table aligned to the right which is located inside body with attribute contenteditable="true".

Actual Results:

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