IME bug. Windows Message Events such as WM_IME_COMPOSITION for key input not working with IE 11

By design Issue #578043


Jul 1, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

[NOTE a video is attached that shows how to perform the repro]

  1. Open Spy++ (attached in the event you need it)

  2. Grab the repro.htm file (attached) and place it on your desktop

  3. Close all open IE windows then launch repro.htm

  4. In Spy++ press ALT+F3 and drag the finder tool over the IE Window directly on top of the text input then click ok in Spy++
    – In Spy++ you should see the IE window selected (It will say Window 000XXXXX “” Internet Explorer_Server

  5. In Spy++ press CTRL+M (make sure the window Internet Explorer_Server from the previous step is selected first)

  6. In the Spy++ message options window that is now open click on the Messages tab

  7. Click the “Clear All” button then only select the check box for IME under Message Groups then click OK messages are now being logged.

  8. In the IE Window click on the text input
    a) type ab in English
    b) change to Korean input and input 뮤(ab key) in Korean
    c) press tab to swtich to the password field and again input ab in Korean

  9. Back in Spy++ press F8 and review the captured messages.

<<<< Old steps provided by the customer>>
The bug can be reproduced as follows:

  1. Korean IME state
    A. Move focus to general text field.
    B. Input ab in English
    C. Change to Korean input
    D. Input 뮤(ab key) in Korean
  2. Move focus to password text field
  3. Input 뮤(ab key) -> Event does not occur(Note B. IE 11)
    A. IE 9 Version (attached file : 1118_IE9.PNG)
    B. IE 11 Version (attached file : 1118_IE11.PNG)

Expected Results:

We should see windows messages like "WM_IME_COMPOSITION", WM_IME_STARTCOMPOSITION . Customer provided screenshot of what is expected.
IE 9 Version (attached file : 1118_IE9.PNG)

Actual Results:

Missing a number of windows messages.

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