‘Navigation to webpage was cancelled’ error on rendering frame URL or content

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Dec 14, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Root Cause Analysis:
The problem occurs when the system is switching between a Java(JSP) and HATS screen or vice-versa. HATS is an application from IBM that renders legacy IBM iSeries output to a web browser, but still as HTML content. It also occurs from JSP-to-JSP page switching.

To provide a bit of background, our application is using HTML iframe to render pages. On the main page where the main screen is shown, the URL of the iframe is changed when you click a menu item, rendering the URL contents onto that frame. If the menu is in a Java/JSP screen, it will change the URL to call a standard web URL. While if it’s a HATS screen, it will change the URL to a HATS URL (just a different web resource) with parameters.
The following Javascript which switches to HATS and JSP screen causes the ‘Navigation to webpage was cancelled’ message to be displayed.

parent.frames[‘menucontent’].location.href = app;
targetFrame.location.href = menuHref + "&fromMenu=true";

The typical cause of such a message being displayed is cross-domain or same-domain security policy. But both content belong in the same domain and Trusted Site.

Approaches Taken (all failed to resolve the issue)

1. Set window.domain in all  pages including those of HATS
2. Instead of changing href, change src attribute of iframe and do a reload
3. Use a ‘proxy’ page to render HATS screen

Expected Results:

Problem Description:
After installation of a security update for Internet Explorer 8 (KB3038314), our web application displays ‘Navigation to webpage was cancelled’ on a separate pop-up window, after clicking several menu items. Expected behavior is that the content the menu item represents will just be displayed in the current page (specifically in a frame.)

Actual Results:

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