Internet Explorer Trident rendering engine on Windows Phone/Windows bug

Fixed Issue #608140


Jul 10, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

For Windows Phone:

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Make sure that the default setting would be set to loading mobile version of websites.
  2. Go to "".
  3. Enter login information.
  4. You should receive an error message “network connection terminated due to abort or timeout” when you hit the “Sign In” button.

On Emulated Internet Explorer 10/11 (set to Windows Phone):

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Tap F12 to open "Developer Tools".
  3. On the bottom left, scroll down to an icon that looks like a computer and mobile device (Emulation).
  4. Under "Browser Profile", select “Windows Phone” and under "User Agent String", select "IE10 - Windows Phone 8".
  5. On the address bar, navigate to and type in the log in information.
  6. When hitting the submit button, you should receive the error message.

Expected Results:

The expected behavior would allow the user to log in to Yahoo mail on a Windows Phone 8/8.1 device successfully and even on Desktop version of Internet Explorer (when emulated to Windows Phone).

Actual Results:

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