ES2015 class has wrong toString output

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Jan 12, 2016
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

var C = class C {};
console.log(C.toString()); // “constructor() {}”

Expected Results:

The ES6 spec states at

If the object was defined using ECMAScript code and the returned string representation is not in the form of a MethodDefinition or GeneratorMethod then the representation must be such that if the string is evaluated, using eval in a lexical context that is equivalent to the lexical context used to create the original object, it will result in a new functionally equivalent object.

This is not satisfied by the "constructor() {}" output as:

var C = constructor() {};

is not valid code. Also, the spec states in the same place:

The string representation must have the syntax of a FunctionDeclaration, FunctionExpression, GeneratorDeclaration, GeneratorExpression, ClassDeclaration, ClassExpression, ArrowFunction, MethodDefinition, or GeneratorMethod depending upon the actual characteristics of the object.

This means ES2015 classes, when toStringed, should return a string in a form of either a ClassDeclaration or a ClassExpression.

Actual Results:

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