Clicking on "Your Personalized List" or on "Settings for this list..." under "Safety"/"Tracking Protection" cause restart of IE 11

Won’t fix Issue #618473


Jul 14, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

In IE 11 and earlier in IE 10 under “Safety” under “Tracking Protection” selecting “Your Personalized List” after you visited N (where N greather then 10) sites and select some “Sites” for blocking.
Save and close.
When try to go back into “Your Personalized List” it freezes up and IE10/IE11 has to always restart.

If go to check under Control Panel>Internet Options>Programs Tab>Manage> and then select Tracking Protection > it is empty and in disabled state.

Expected Results:

Internet Explorer is crashing / freezing.

Actual Results:


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