Cross-tab caching + DOM manipulation loads wrong content after navigating Forward/Back

Confirmed Issue #6274480 • Assigned to Travis L.


Jan 22, 2016
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  • Navigate to the following URL :
  • This will generate and display a row of 5 random numbers.
  • Below each number is a dynamically-generated empty custom HTML5 element.
  • On Document Ready, jQuery will immediately replace those custom elements with iframes that are designed to load and display the same corresponding numbers above them.
  1. Navigate to the URL
  2. Duplicate the tab.
  3. Switch back to the first tab.
  4. Click the link to navigate elsewhere.
  5. Go Back.
    The numbers don’t match. You can even take it a step further:
  6. Now Refresh this first tab.
  7. Switch to the second tab.
  8. Click the link to navigate elsewhere.
  9. Go Back.
    The numbers now don’t match in the second tab.

Expected Results:

The numbers should still match after clicking Back.

Actual Results:

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