role=gridcell does not get accessible name from contents when only image in cell

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Jul 18, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


[Video repro attached be sure you have audio it is required for this repro]

Repro Steps:



NOTE you will need audio for this repro

  1. WIn 8 launch narrator

  2. open

  3. click on the column “Medium Spring Green” and listen to narrator

  • In IE the narrator will not read “Medium Spring Green…” (unless you hover then it reads the tool tip)

  • In FF\Chrome narrator will read the contents of the table without the need to hover.

(old repro steps)


Inspect the accessibility tree (for example using Inspect)

Note that the accessible name for each of the gridcells is null

Expected Results:


The accessible name for a gridcell should come from the contents. If the contents include an image then the image’s alt text should be included in the accessible name calculation.

Actual Results:


Narrator is not able to read the contents of the gridcell in IE but is able to read it in other browsers.

Dev Channel specific:




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