HTML Editor (internet options->programs) drop down not showing empty selection option after selecting any choice

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Jul 18, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Launch internet (IE-11) browser.
  2. Navigate to internet options.
  3. Switch to programs tab.
  4. Observe that HTML editor option having empty.
  5. Then click on drop down and choose any option.
  6. Now again click on drop down and try to select empty option.
  7. BUG: observe that we didn’t found any empty option. We should select any option. Not expected.
  8.         Also if you reset your internet explorer settings, the empty option doesn't return

Additional Information:

   if user select default editor for HTML pages in default programs then it have to show that editor name in the list at the time we open internet options.

Expected Results:

HTML Editor drop down should show the default option(empty selection).

Actual Results:

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