Backspace goes back a page in IE (option to disable back button navigation)

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Jul 22, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Deselect a text field by switching to a new window or clicking a checkbox, then hit backspace

Expected Results:

Backspace deletes characters in a leftward motion, one at a time, not entire blog posts! Nor should it send the browser back a few pages.

Actual Results:

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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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      Changed Title from “Feature Request | Surface: [IE 11] Backspace goes back a page in IE (option to disable back button navigation)” to “Backspace goes back a page in IE (option to disable back button navigation)”

      Changed Title from “Backspace goes back a page in IE (option to disable back button navigation)” to “Backspace goes back a page in IE (option to disable back button navigation)”

      Changed Assigned To from “Ben P.” to “IE F.”

      Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Confirmed”

    • Agreed, with the changes to Chrome that disallow this, it seems more than type to provide this as a option.

    • This antifeature is outmoded and unhelpful to most. Please provide an option to disable the backspace navigation. Or, better yet, disable it and provide an advanced option to re-enable it.

    • This is the worst possible behavior to have bound to a key used A LOT in typing. I managed to back out of this comment once already by accident because of it. It happens at least once a day to me. This needs to stop. Bind it to a key combo like alt + left arrow so it can’t accidentally affect my work. Stop the madness.

    • Late 2017 and still not even a mention of considering it as a feature you can disable. This feature is horrifically annoying when you have to develop an application with “Read only” textboxes or textareas. If the user has even the slightest impression that they can edit the field, or if they misplace the cursor on that field, they will go back if they try to press backspace. It makes it absolutely necessary to restyle the controls. Once again, you’re letting Chrome outperform you.

    • I just lost 15 minutes worth of typing a web form, thanks to this useless navigation feature. Please remove it. Backspace is to delete a character, not to go back. We have alt-left for that. A feature is a time-saver. A bug is a time-waster. This historical feature has become a bug now.

    • @Microsoft can you please disable this “stupid by design” shortcut?
      Other smarter companies, like Google, went for the sane way of doing things. So please follow… quickly.

      thank you.

    • I have lost so much work over the years because I press backspace to replace text that I have entered. Now I was making A LOT of changes in a form with multiple options and when I made one mistake I pressed the backspace and lot it ALL. I have never known of any time when I wanted to use Backspace as a means to navigate to the previous page. I don’t even understand why someone would use a key that is used in editing text as a means to navigate backward in webpages. It is an archaic feature in a modern era. Get with the times Microsoft!!! You have some great offerings, but this is one that has trampled many of my hopes and dreams. I bet a user has even typed the solution to your greatest challenges on one of your forums and when they tried to edit it, they pressed backspace and lost it all. I found this post because I finally had enough of losing work to a casual use of the BACKSPACE KEY!!! Usually I just curse myself for assuming that a key, that I use many times for editing text, will allow me to fix a typo. BUT NO!!! NOW I REALIZE THAT YOUR HELLISH FEATURE IS THE PROBLEM!!! I FIGURED THAT BY 2018 I WOULD BE ABLE TO TURN IT OFF!!!


      With respect,
      Thank you.

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