F12 variables become non-interactive in script window with webworker after F5-Refresh

Fixed Issue #639088


Jul 22, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:


[1] launch the demo https://googledrive.com/host/0B8BLd2qPPV7XME1rNU9iWnYtbTg/ded-worker-F12throw.html
[2] launch F12
[3] F5 refresh
[4] click radio button twice to select the ordinary http Worker URL: ded-worker-ObjTest.js (the blob: and dataURL options don’t work with IE11)
[5] click [Throw!] button
[6] with debugger now breakpointed, type any expressions into javascript console, like say, var x=1
[7] nothing evaluates, no response. that’s the bug.

[8] close then reopen F12
[9] click [Throw!] button again
[10] now with debugger breakpointed, type any expressions into javascript console, like say, var x=1
[11] result appears below. works fine now.

[12] click F5 refresh and repeat steps to see it break again.

note: you don’t actually need to throw an exception to repro this bug. any breakpoint into the webworker will do, after F5 refresh.

Expected Results:

console variables should be interactive.

eg, type x=1. should echo back 1.

Actual Results:

does not evaluate until you close and reopen F12

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