Edge dropping mouse events on XSLT rendered pages.

Not reproducible Issue #6416022


Feb 3, 2016
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

http://web.tekdata.com:2081 login with valid credentials.

Click on “Orders” in the Menu bar, if the drop down menu appears the app is working.

If you “Inspect Element” on say “Orders” in the menu bar there are no events assigned, but the onclick event was assigned on line 187 of map.js.

This will work fine in IE11 (Edge mode)

Expected Results:

When the page is painted the menu should be functional.

Hover over menu bar should cause background color change.

Click on Orders, you should get a menu drop down.
Click on Orders-worksheet You should get a form

Actual Results:

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    • We have attempted to debug this site, but have found that we cannot reproduce this issue. Please email toddreif@microsoft.com when the site is online, working in Chrome/Firefox and not working Edge AND send me updated user credentials and we will investigate this issue. Thanks!

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