navigator.msLaunchUri(uri, successCallback, noHandlerCallback);

Duplicate Issue #6761763 • See Issue #7181860


Mar 3, 2016
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navigator.msLaunchUri(uri, successCallback, noHandlerCallback);

If used with an unknow protocal, noHandlerCallback will be called instead of pop up app store.

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  • Also, as reported in Issue #7181860, sometimes, msLaunchUri simply does nothing (no popup shown, no handler called back). This as been seen on some computers, notably right after registering the protocol. Even on these computers, the problem I’m talking about now is intermittent. The fast you cannot rely on the callbacks being called makes the API too unreliable to be used in production on Edge at present time.

  • Actual Result

    — HandlerCallback /noHandlerCallback are triggered only about half of the time. When they are not triggered, nothing else appends.

    — The protocol handler is never executed.

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  • test and this issue always success in Edge. not called “noHandlerCallback”

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  • Can anyone please tell whether this issue got fixed? If yes, then when will this fix be available for the users.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for providing this information about the issue. The provided sample doesn’t actually pass the failure callback to msLaunchUri.  After modifying it to do so, we find the failure callback is always called on our latest Insider Preview 15063. 

    If you have another repro scenario, please reactivate. If the problem is in the success callback, it should probably be filed as a new bug, as the cause will be different and will require investigation.

    Best Wishes,

    The MS Edge Team

  • To James M.: the “new bug” that shall be logged was flagged as a duplicate of this bug by your team a few months ago… See #7181860. Please reopen it then.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status from “Fixed, flighted” to “Duplicate”

  • Hi Guillaume,
    I apologize for the confusion.  I am duplicating this to your other submission 7181860 and it has been re-opened.

    A new internal issue has been created to track one and possibly two of four cases in the msLaunchUri documentation.

    These are the four cases being tracked.  The expected results for cases #1 and #2 are assuming using your test code or a similar alerting test case (see the attached repros and README).

    1. protocol handler available AND only one AND a callback is provided
         > “supported” pop-up

    2. no protocol handler available AND a callback is provided
         > “supported” pop-up

    3. no protocol handler available AND a callback is not provided
         > should be a dialog to select an application to handle the request

    4. multiple protocol handlers available AND a default is not selected.
         > should be a dialog to pick a default application

    Cases #1 and #2, which I believe was the main point of your bug submission, correct me if I am wrong, are fixed and are available in latest insider fast build, “the Creator’s Update.”

    Appreciate the help and making sure this gets resolved,

    The MS Edge Team

  • At least the ‘README’ file didn’t have a typo in it.  :/

    Case #2 should have been:

    1. no protocol handler available AND a callback is provided
      “unsupported” pop-up
  • This bug has marked as duplicate. Please follow the parent issue to get new updates.

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