Some of my favorites have disappeared

Fixed Issue #6763529


Mar 3, 2016
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If I knew, I wouldn’t be submitting this complaint!

Expected Results:

That only I can delete my favorites.

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We are pleased to report this feature is fixed in Edge 14393 and is available in our latest public stable build.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • I don’t think this issue fixed as stated. My favorites are gone again!!! There must have been an update last night because this morning, gone. This is bullshit! When will be fixed and is there anyway I can get them back? It was better in explore when there was a folder and I could back that up.

    • Turned on my computer this morning and entire favorites list is gone!! No matter what I do I can’t get them back…HELP!!!

    • A few days ago I encountered the same issue. All of my favourites have magically disappeared and to date I still haven’t recovered them. Being annoyed is an understatement. It has already cost me hours researching and googling. James M I suggest you get your facts correct. You said the problems was fixed back in March 2017. Now is 22/11/2017 and I have just lost all of my favourites - newly saved and imported. How can I recover them?

    • The other day I noticed a few random ones were missing so re-added then this evening all the ones at the bottom after the letter T are gone. Earlier I was having problems that when I added & then did a" sort by name" it locked up the PC & I had to close the window & reopen. So I think it has something to do w/ the sort by name function is deleting favorites.

    • Nope- Here are my specs -

      Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0
      Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299

      I have a six-month old back-up file from Chrome. I have loaded, deleted, and re-loaded more than once, and weird stuff keeps happening. The latest is just simply that a number of my favorite “Favorites” have just plain vanished. Not whole folders, just individual favorites (possibly ones that I tend to open more than others). Cannot explain, but I assume as of Feb 1 2018 I am fully updated, and it is happening today.

      Some work for you, MS.

    • Just happened to me too. Imported from Chrome, Firefox and HTML file and they disappear still no matter what.

    • I spent the morning updating my favorites and I then resorted them and the screen froze. But it finally finished sorting. Then later on today quite a few of my saved urls were gone. I’m especially concerned because I had several patient portals and some research files. How can I retrieve them? Microsoft Edge 41.16299.371.0 Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299

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