Consider a change to stop showing tooltips from title attribute based on keyboard focus (continue to show on mouse hover)

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Mar 7, 2016
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Steps to reproduce


To fix this, we should match Chrome by never showing title tooltips for keyboard focus.  See Bootstrap’s issue where they discuss this to]([](


This does not include the “status text” with the URL shown in the bottom left/right when tabbing through links – that should remain as it is today.



Repro Steps:


  1. Go to in IE11, Edge

  2. In the output/preview, using the keyboard, TAB to the first link, then wait a second

  3. TAB to the second link, then wait a second

In both cases, after a short delay (500ms-ish?), the native browser tooltip is shown, containing the original title attribute text. However, by this point, JS was already executed when the link received focus, which either replaced the title with an empty string (first link) or remove the attribute completely (second link).

After both links have been focused, subsequent TAB/focus don’t show the tooltip, as by that point the title attribute is empty/removed. Reload this test to see the effect again.

For a more real-world example, navigate using the keyboard through the various tooltip examples in (again, allowing a second or so of time from when a tooltip’d element receives focus, to let the native tooltip for the title show)

Expected Results:


Ideally, the browser’s native tooltip should take into account any changes that are made to the title attribute in the time between the element receives focus, and the moment the native tooltip is shown (500ms or so later?)

Actual Results:


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