WP8.1 Internet Explorer 11 and saved credentials bug.

Won’t fix Issue #694026


Aug 11, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:


  1. Have a webSite with dirrefent port, like 80 and something … 4200 e.g.
  2. All of these web pages on a different port has a login credentials of their own.
  3. Have these site to ask basic userid & password autentication (html 401?)
  4. Visit one of the port of site (e.g. 80) and let the IE11 save the credentails when asked.
  5. Visit the different port of the same site (e.g. 4000). IE should now give user the UserID field already filled out based on the previous port credentials.
  6. Save the port of the same site (e.g. 4000) new userID & password.
  7. go back to the first port (80) and see that IE asks AGAIN the password and the userID is prefilled based on the port 4000 site…


Expected Results:

wp8.1 IE should understand that the same site mey have different ports to serve the user. These port have individual login credentials, not the same for whole site.

Actual Results:

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