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Chetan N.
Apr 5, 2016
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I am using build 14295, everything is working fine except one very funny bug. when I open edge browser and launch any normal site like bing, msn etc…etc…
When my edge browser windows is full screen the status on the task bar is showing normal, but as soon as I minimize the window to task bar it shows some strange status as say "MSN (Not Responding)" or "Bing (Not Responding)" even if there is no issue on the site.
When I reopen the window the status will be shown normal again.
Herewith I have attached screen shot of the same. Please refer the screen and resolve this funny bug.
Let me know if any additional details are necessary.


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  • What does this mean? You’ve marked it fixed and indicated it may need heavy future coding. Just a really frustrated user asking as the XXXXX.XXX is not r responding message is taking up way too much of my days.

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