Wrong "SCRIPT5022" error in developer tools for exception handled in Promise chain

Fixed Issue #7112681


Apr 5, 2016
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Open attached file
  2. You`ll see SCRIPT5022: test exception

Expected Results:

No error in developer tools.

Actual Results:

Dev Channel specific:



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Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Kamen M.”

  • My original ticket: https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/feedback/details/2549374/wrong-script5022-error-in-developer-tools-for-exception-handled-in-promise-chain

    Original message:
    Ms edge developer tools show “SCRIPT5022: test exception” for this Promise chain:
    .then(() => {
    throw new Error(“test exception”);
    .catch(ex => console.log(“exception handled”))
    .then(() => console.log(“next job”));

    It`s wrong behavior of developer tools due to the fact that “test exception” is handled in catch callback.
    Developer tools of another browsers does not show error for this code.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “ChakraTriage”

    Changed Assigned To from “ChakraTriage” to “Taylor W.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Taylor W.” to “IE S.”

    Changed Status to “Fixed”

  • What version contains fix?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We are pleased to report this feature is fixed in Edge 14393 and is available in our latest public stable build.

    Best Wishes,
    The MS Edge Team

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