Issues with visibility: collapse on table columns and table column groups

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Derek G.
Apr 5, 2016
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I am seeing a number of issues with visibility: collapse on table columns and table column groups in Edge.

  • The last column’s contents will collapse but the last column itself will not collapse, meaning the column and any of its borders will still be visible although the contents of the column will not. There is not a workaround for this.
  • When collapsing a column group or a column that has a border style specified, the next available single column in the table will inherit that border style, even if the column group containing that column has a border style specified, unless a style is specified for that particular column as well. The workaround for this is to apply some sort of ‘collapse’ class that both sets visibility to ‘collapse’ and removes the border style.
    This issue was closed on the Microsoft Connect as “Won’t fix” at the same time as it was updated to say to look on this issue tracker, so I’m re-submitting it here. That was a bit confusing.
    Steps from that issue:
    Link to example HTML file on GitHub:
  • Click ‘toggle third column’ to see that the green border is applied to the fourth column once the third column has collapsed.
  • Click ‘toggle fourth column’ to see that the borders for the fourth column (including borders belonging to rows and cells contained by it) remain in place once the fourth column has collapsed.
  • Click ‘toggle second column group’ to see both of the above effects combined.


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