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Karen F.
Apr 6, 2016
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When I open my email I have one of the people that I email whose name is at the top of the page even though it is addressed to me and from somebody else that sent it on my contacts. So How do I go about eliminating her name off it? I might have done something when I was having a problem last month or so in signing in- but can’t remember what that was and now I don’t know how to get rid of it. It is in the Sender details. I can see where it is when I pull up Debugger but can’t change it to either myself or just leave blank. This is at the top of the email when I open it.
Tamara Cocks 11:36 AM
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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Christian F.”

    • Okay here it is here when I bring up the debugger. What do I do in order to either change it to myself or leave blank?

      \x28434198670044378\x40groups.facebook.com\x29","CMHNet Photo Show Series","","","","","Re\x3a \x5bCMHNet Photo Show Series\x5d Uploaded CMHNetMarch2016Results.rtf","Re\x26\x2358\x3b \x26\x2391\x3bCMHNet Photo Show Series\x26\x2393\x3b Uploaded CMHNetMarch2016Results.rtf","Show this message…",new HM.SenderDetails("Tamara Cocks","Elinor O\x27Brien","notification\x2bm1idi7jm\x40facebookmail.com","notification\x2bm1idi7jm\x40facebookmail.com","Tamara Cocks",

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “By design”

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