F12 Emulation, Reset Emulation Settings doesn't work properly in all cases

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Aug 18, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

  1. Goto http://srvr-clw/bugs/67860 which is set to render with X-UA-Comaptability set to 7 (try to drag&drop grey box) notice docmode

  2. Hit F12 to load the developer tools and select the Emulation tab - you will see that the default value is X-UA-Compat 7 (as expected) and any rendering that occurs seems to be correctly using the DocMode 7 emulation

  3. Change emulation to use Doc Mode 5, you will get a javascript error which shows docmode def changed

  4. Now hit the undo-looking button at the top of the Emu tab (Reset Emulation Settings). Here is where it fails

  5. Page reloads and shows that page is displayed in docmode 11 and try drag/drop of grey box which it does now and throws the empty tag which it should in IE11.

  6. The Emu tab itself appears to have correct values, BUT the web browser, you can see it’s actually rendering under the Edge mode which was never selected. It should be using the mode defined in the X-UA-Compat tag, just like it did when it first loaded the page and correctly match the settings that appear in the developer tools.

Expected Results:

The Reset Emulation Settings button should put everything back to the initial state of the page. It seems to put the fields in the Emulation tab back to the original state, but the actual rendering is using Doc Mode Edge, when X-UA-Compat should be directing it to use Doc Mode 7.

Actual Results:

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