Cookies specification compatibility issues

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Apr 8, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

In context of discussion in I’ve made a research of cookie RFC 6265 compatibility in major browsers:
Tests that fail in all or majority of browsers are considered de facto standard. Related spec change was suggested:
Here are the test cases that fails only in IE and Edge or test result differs from de facto standard:

Set cookie:
Results URL:
Expected: “foo2=bar2; foo=bar”
Actual: “foo=bar; foo2=bar2”
RFC 6265 S 5.4.2:
The user agent SHOULD sort the cookie-list in the following order:
* Cookies with longer paths are listed before cookies with
shorter paths.
* Among cookies that have equal-length path fields, cookies with
earlier creation-times are listed before cookies with later

Set cookie:
“foo=bar; path="/cookie-parser-result/foo/qux;"”
Results URL:
Expected: “foo=bar”
Actual: “”

CHARSET0001 (and other charset tests)
Set cookie:
Expected: “foo=春节回家路·春运完全手册”
Actual: “foo=???�???”

Set cookie:
“foo=bar; path=/cookie-parser-result/foo/qux#”
Results URL:
Expected: “”
Actual: “foo=bar”

OPTIONAL_DOMAIN0030 (and other optional domain tests)
Set cookie:
“foo=bar; domain=”
Results URL:
Expected: “foo=bar”
Actual: “”

MOZILLA0013 (and other zero or negative max-age tests)
Set cookie:
“test=kill; max-age=0”
“five; max-age=0”
Expected: “”
Actual: “test=kill; five”

Set cookie:
Results URL:
Expected: “”
Actual: “foo=bar”

Setting long cookie (e.g. ‘a’ x 4097 times) fails (no cookie set).

Minority - possible bug (2 : 3)
Set cookie:
“foo=bar; path=/cookie-parser-result/foo/qux?”
Results URL:
Expected: “”
Actual: “foo=bar”


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