Rendering issue when an image with opacity overflows behind a link

Duplicate Issue #7189664 • See Issue #6943034


Apr 13, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
See progress on Bug #6943034
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Steps to reproduce

There are several things that need to happen in order to reproduce this.

  1. Navigation (potentially other content) that is absolutely positioned
  2. Navigation that changes background (possibly other properties too) on hover
  3. An (large) image which is vertically centered (accomplished with flexbox). The image’s container must be overflow:hidden. The image must extend above the container so that part of it is ‘under’ the navigation.
  4. The image must have opacity applied to it
    Expected results: The link should switch to a different background on hover
    Actual Results: The red link becomes invisible
    For details see
    Note: This is only happening in edge.


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