Input event not firing for some types of inputs

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Marc-André L.
Apr 13, 2016
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Per the HTML specification, the input event should be fired for "all input controls other than buttons and those with the type attribute in the Hidden state".
So (un)checking an <input type="checkbox"> or <input type="radio"> should cause an input event to be fired at the <input> element. Selecting a file in <input type="file"> should do the same.
Finally, the spec also states that making a selection in a <select> tag should also trigger an 'input' event before the change event.
They don’t currently in Edge, as you can test in this example.
Note that the spec is well thought out. When followed, one should expect at least on input event before any change event, any type of user interaction that modifies a form fire input events, etc. If Microsoft believes that it is logical or beneficial to not support the input event for radios, checkboxes, select or files, and thus not following the HTML5 standard, a rationale would be nice. The input event is invaluable to do validation right and simply. We use it for Parsley, one of the most used JS validation library.
Note that this documentation on the input event erroneously states: “You can use the oninput to detect when the contents of a textArea, input type=text, or input type=password”
That is not accurate, as many other types are currently also supported: type="color", type="email", etc.
In summary:
Supported in Edge: <textarea>, <input type=text, search, tel, url, email, password, date, time, number, range, color>
Not yet supported: <select>, <input type=checkbox, radio, file>


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