Timeouts can fire even when unset syncronously

Not reproducible Issue #7206104


Calvin M.
Apr 14, 2016
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This looks to be a bug with setTImeout/the event queue. It seems to be very intermittent but the gist ss reported at defunctzombie/node-process#56 is that it looks like it’s possible to add a setTimeout run synchronous code and then call clearTimeout but have the timeout callback called anyway. If I had to guess my suspicion would be that certain dom functions may block the thread without blocking the event loop (like this bug in firefox)


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Christian F.”

      Changed Assigned To from “Christian F.” to “Brad E.”

    • Thanks for your patience while I ran some tests on this item. I haven’t been able to get this to repro so far. I added in an alert that will fire if false is ever encountered and still have yet to see that happen.

      Do you think you can add in a way to repro this more effectively? I modified the one you provided to Mozilla but so far have been unsuccessful in replicating the problem in Edge.

      I was using this repro URL:


      All the best,

      The MS Edge Team

    • I was never able to reproduce myself, but I opened I asked the people who opened the bug to see if they could help out

    • Okay, thank you. Obviously, as they stated it is hard to repro, but so far - no luck on my end in a single instance of repro.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • As
      we have not received further information on how to repro this item of feedback

      • we will resolve it as not repro. Should you have the details needed in order
        for us to reproduce this problem in our test environments please feel free to
        reactivate this issue at your earliest convenience.


      the best,

      MS Edge Team

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