VP9 video doesn't play via MSE on mobile, works on desktop

Issue #7211879


Brion V.
Apr 14, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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In preview builds, Edge supports WebM video with the VP9 codec, currently only via Media Source Extensions and only if enabled via about:flags.
I have a simple test that feeds a VP9 video and Opus audio streams in WebM container into a video element via MSE: https://brionv.com/misc/msetest/
This successfully plays back both audio and video in Edge on Windows 10 desktop build 14316 as long as I set VP9 to “always on” in about:flags.
However on mobile build 14322 on a Lumia 950, I get only a black screen and no playback, even if I set VP9 to ‘always on’ and double-check the Opus checkbox.
I notice I also am unable to play back a downloaded VP9 or VP8 WebM video on mobile as I can on desktop (by renaming from .webm to .mkv extension and launching from File Explorer into the default video player app). This makes me wonder if the VP9 codec may have been left out of the Win10 Mobile builds entirely…
(Note: that test page doesn’t work in the current stable releases of Firefox or Chrome either but does work in the Nightly and Canary releases, respectively, which have fixed various bugs.)


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    • Someone marked this as a duplicate, but there’s no link to what it’s a duplicate of…?

    • As stated in the blog post, VP9 support is not enabled on mobile. The duplicate issue is to disable the about:flags UI on devices that do not support it.

    • Thanks! Three follow-up questions:

      1. What is the issue number or link to the issue about fixing about:flags? I cannot find it via search.

      2. Can the web platform changelogs to be updated to reflect the lack of VP9 on mobile? They still list it on mobile last I checked (having trouble pulling up the changelogs right now).

      3. How can I request adding VP8/VP9 to Mobile, specifically, in a way that will stick around visibly for other people searching for the issue, until it gets done?

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