Incorrect work of two attribute pointers on one same array buffer

Fixed Issue #7272488


Apr 20, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

You could see an example of it at:
And the code at:
and most specifically at gltest.js.
It quite simple: create WebGL context, prepare vertex buffer, and special vertex shader which uses two vertex attributes to mix them to position of a vertex.
Position data provided by first attribute seems to be fine, but the second one - is not. It is look like the second attribute provide next vertex in buffer, although they both setted up to point to same data in same array buffer.
Whole example works fine on the Firefox and the Chrome and it would be really nice to have it to work on IE11 and Edge browsers, thank you :)


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • I am showing this as fixed in RS1 public stable build 14393.321.

      Thanks for the feedback. We hope to hear more from you in the future.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team

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