Stop moving URL in the address bar when click on it

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Jérôme M.
Apr 21, 2016
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This is very annoying that when we click at a precise point in the URL bar, then Edge automatically add http:// or https:// which was hidden before the click.
The consequence of this is that the whole URL is moving to the right, making impossible to click on a specific place in URL. As a user I need this several times in a day and as a developer, more than ever.
Moreover in general, I like to see if i’m under HTTP or HTTPS protocol, hiding this information is not a good point I think.
Please show the full URL all the time so we can click exactly where we want in just one click.
You could bring extensions to Edge, but if this remains, I’ll never use this browser. I’m just waiting for this to switch…
PS: I cannot post on “You are not authorized to submit the feedback for this connection.” is this address still used?


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