WebDriver loses control over Edge because Edge get in status "Suspended"

Confirmed Issue #7290831 • Assigned to Clay M.


illy M.
Apr 21, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Because I cannot run the WebDriver in noninteractive session:
I open an RDP Session to the server, Execute the MicrosoftWebDriver.exe, then close the RDP Session (Without doing a “Sign out”)
Then I run a script in a loop that open an Edge session, run some commands and closes the Edge session.
The script usually run for 2-16 hours then fails with errors (seen when running the WebDriver with the -Verbose switch) like:

Received a request: DELETE http://win10.ccccloud.local:17556/session/FD7656FD-DBF5-49FE-A9BD-C44F5BACDE91 
Response: {"sessionId":"FD7656FD-DBF5-49FE-A9BD-C44F5BACDE91","status":13,"value":{"message":"Unknown error"}}
Received a request: POST http://win10s.ccccloud.local:17556/session/385A2332-57B3-486B-B943-B9BA18140601/elements 
{"using":"css selector","value":"frame[name='mainFrame'],iframe[name='mainFrame']"}
Response: {"sessionId":"385A2332-57B3-486B-B943-B9BA18140601","status":21,"value":{"message":"Timeout"}}
Received a request: GET http://win10s.ccccloud.local:17556/sessions 
Response: {"sessionId":null,"status":21,"value":{"message":"Timeout"}}

Or the WebDriver will not show anything in the log and my HTTP request will time out.
Any following command to the WebDriver will Timeout so the driver is essentially unusable anymore.
When I look at the Processes in task manager I can see that the Processes MicrosoftEdge.exe and MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe are open and in status “Suspended” and not “Running”
If I Kill the Processes the WebDriver will start to work again
Also If I will reconnect to my “Disconnected” RDP session that the WebDriver is running on the Edge Processes will change from “Suspended” to “Running” and the WebDriver will start to work again.

  1. I don’t know why Edge getting randomly suspended after running the same script for several hours
  2. WebDriver should know how work with “Suspended” Edge Process or have a mechanism to prevent it from getting Suspended


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