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tim y.
Apr 21, 2016
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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with an annoying little problem, to get rid of a repeating Microsoft pop-up which doesn’t respond when I click on it.
About a week ago, when I opened Internet Explorer there was a pop-up window entitled 'Internet Explorer 11 - Choose your home page and search settings’. [see attached picture].
I duly chose to keep my current settings, and clicked 'Done’. But nothing happened. The window did not respond to my clicking so I had to close it. The pop-up window now reappears every time I open Internet Explorer, but it still never responds when I click 'Done’.
I can change the selection between ‘Microsoft settings’ and ‘Your current settings’ but clicking ‘Done’ achieves nothing. It also doesn’t respond if I click the ‘Click here to learn more’ link.
The only way I can close the window is to click the red X close button in the top-right corner. However, this presumably doesn’t save my (unchanged) settings in the way that Microsoft want, so the pop-up just reappears every time I open IE.
The window appears to be a genuine Microsoft window from when IE11 launched. From my research, it seems it may be a recent update KB3148198 which has made the pop-up reappear for a number of people. So, I don’t think it’s a virus or malware, but I can find no record of anyone having the same problem I’ve got.
So, does anyone know how I can get the ‘Done’ button to work? I suspect that if I can just click ‘Done’ and have it recognised, Microsoft will be satisfied and stop displaying the annoying pop-up window.
I have a Dell XPS with Windows 7 Home Premium 2009 - V6.1 (Build 3601; Service Pack 1).

  • Internet Explorer 11, Version: 11.0.9600.18282, Update Versions: 11.0.30 (KB3148198)
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  • My Toshiba Portege running Window 7 Home Premium has the same issue when MS did an auto update for security last week. I cannot use Explorer/edge at all because of freeze up at Explorer 11 launch. It asks for default browser but will not let me select and move on. I have to go to Task Manager to end Explorer. I have been forced to use Google Chrome, not my preferred search engine. L

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