UI Slowness caused by SVG Performance regression

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Roy B.
Apr 22, 2016
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[Alexa US 210k]


I have noticed a significant reduction in user interaction on Edge version 25 versus version 20 that my co-workers are using. I tried Edge 20, IE 11 and Chrome and that interaction is OK. This is the Url for our application: http://iplan.meetingmatrix.com/apps/eventdiagrams, most of the page is Angular.
On the left side there is a dropdown which has the word "Theater". Notice how long it takes for the drop down to actually drop down, it takes almost 2 seconds. Same issue with clicking on any of the radio buttons, which will bring up an “update” overlay once it is clicked, it is over 1 second. Now compare the same steps in v20 or IE11 (or Chrome) and the response is almost instantaneous.
If I F12 and run the performance capture, it appears to be the painting that is causing the slowness, maybe. Painting has the biggest time hits and those times seem to match what we are seeing visually. I’ve attached the performance file for opening that drop down.
There are few more places like Find Room (upper right) that also have the delay.
Any thoughts as to why Edge 20 and IE11 are so much faster?


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