Web Crypto: generateKey algorithm name capitalization

Issue #7444732 • Assigned to Divya G.


May 4, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

In the developer console, enter and run the following code:

window.crypto.subtle.generateKey({name: "aes-cbc", length: 128}, true, ["encrypt", “decrypt”]).then(function(key) {console.log(key.algorithm.name);});

aes-cbc will display. It should be AES-CBC. This is per Section 18.4.4. Normalizing an algorithm of the Web Cryptography API Candidate Recommendation:

“If registeredAlgorithms contains a key that is a case-insensitive string match for algName: 1. set algName to the value of the matching key.”

In this case, algName is what key.algorithm.name is set to. registeredAlgorithms is the list of standard algorithm names, which has AES-CBC, not aes-cbc.

This bug occurs for all algorithms used with generateKey. The algorithm.name is set to the value passed to the method, instead of the registered name.


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