IE11 silently ignores msRequestFullscreen

Won’t fix Issue #748156


Aug 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

Made with Construct 2, a leading HTML5 game engine. This affects all projects developed with the Construct 2 engine.

The following simple example does work in IE11:

However given no error event is fired in the first example, and it works correctly in other browsers, then I simply have to assume that something about the first example is running in to an IE bug.

Expected Results:

The call to msRequestFullscreen is run in a user-input event and therefore should be allowed to bring the site in to fullscreen mode.

If there is something about the environment that means the fullscreen request is denied, then instead of doing nothing it ought to fire MSFullscreenError or fullscreenerror (both events are attached in the given example and log to the console if they are called) with diagnostic information allowing the developer to resolve the issue. A silent no-op gives no leads as to how to fix the problem.

Actual Results:

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