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Alexander K.
May 17, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

When using Selenium WebDriver with IE, I cannot capture new windows being created. This can be reproduced by running the corresponding tests from the Geb test-bed. The issue is describesd in more detail in this discussion thread and confirmed by Geb’s author Marcin Erdmann:!msg/geb-user/-ZgNUoxLryI/lhZYPSVtOgAJ


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    • I wanted to say IE 11, not Edge.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

      Changed Steps to Reproduce

    • Thank you for your feedback. We are having difficulties reproducing this issue. Could you please provide us your sample code? This will help our investigation.

      All the best,
      The MS Edge Team

    • I used this Geb (0.13.1) test:

      package de.scrum_master.geb
      import geb.spock.GebReportingSpec
      import spock.lang.Unroll
      class MyGebTest extends GebReportingSpec {
        def testNestedNewTabs() {
          go ""
          report "Scrum-Master"
          title.contains ""
          println "Open windows: ${availableWindows.size()} -> ${availableWindows}"
          withNewWindow({ $("a", text: contains("Abschied von der Hierarchie")).click() }) {
            title.contains "Abschied von der Hierarchie"
            report "Computerwoche"
            println "Open windows: ${availableWindows.size()} -> ${availableWindows}"
            withNewWindow({ $("a", title: contains("Druckansicht")).firstElement().click() }) {
              title.contains "Druckansicht"
              report "Druckansicht"
              println "Open windows: ${availableWindows.size()} -> ${availableWindows}"
            println "Open windows: ${availableWindows.size()} -> ${availableWindows}"
          println "Open windows: ${availableWindows.size()} -> ${availableWindows}"

      But now I noticedf a strange thing: It works in my cloud test (TestChameleon) environment, but not locally on my client’s PC. Somehow IE seems to be centrally installed and settings-managed via group policies and I can only change part of the configuration. Do you have any idea which part of the settings might be the problem? It also works locally in Chrome.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

    • Thank you for the update. Since the issue is environmental I will go ahead and close this bug as external, in the meantime I would suggest you to export your GPOs from both working and repro environment for comparison, this should help you identify the issue. Additionally, you can import the failing GPO from your client’s system to your cloud test environment. Once you get the same repro and error, you should be able to find the root cause of this issue by customizing your policy settings.

      Best regards,
      The MS Edge Team  

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