XSLT stylesheet using msxsl:script works in IE but fails with error XSLT8690 in Edge

Confirmed Issue #7598626 • Assigned to Bo C.


Martin H.
May 18, 2016
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  • Microsoft Edge
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EXSLT - exsl:node-set

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As far as I know, both IE and Edge use MSXML as their XSLT processor. However, with IE it is possible to use the msxsl:script element to write extension functions in JScript or VBScript. One established use of that approach in the XSLT 1.0 world is to make MSXML support the de facto EXSLT standard function exsl:node-set by using

<msxsl:script language="JScript" implements-prefix="exsl">
this['node-set'] =  function (x) {
  return x;

That way it is possible to write portable XSLT 1.0 stylesheets as then IE allows the use of exsl:node-set, as shown in http://home.arcor.de/martin.honnen/xslt/exsl-node-set-test2.xml which loads the stylesheet http://home.arcor.de/martin.honnen/xslt/exsl-node-set-test2.xsl. This approach breaks completely in Edge however, which does not seem to support mxsl:script, but instead of ignoring it, aborts XSLT processing with an error XSLT8690: Fehler bei der XSLT-Verarbeitung.. To be compatible with IE, Edge should support the msxsl:script element. If it does not want to support it, it should simply ignore it, as other browsers and their XSLT processors do. Throwing an XSLT error breaks existing stylesheets and does not allow one to write portable stylesheets working in IE, Edge and other browsers like Firefox or Chrome, where exsl:node-set is supported.


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    • I am also running into this issue with Edge. Any idea when this will be looked into?

    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • As Arcor closed down its home pages server, the links to the test case in the original bug report do no longer work but a copy of the XML file is available at https://martin-honnen.github.io/xslt/arcor-archive/2016/exsl-node-set-test2.xml and of the XSLT file at https://martin-honnen.github.io/xslt/arcor-archive/2016/exsl-node-set-test2.xsl.

      The issue still exists in Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134 /  42.17134.1.0, it still doesn’t seem to be able to run the XSLT by either ignoring the msxsl:script element (like Chrome or Firefox do) or by cleanly supporting it (like IE does).

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