Important declarations should take precedence over animations

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May 26, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

In this jsfiddle example I have set the text color of an element to red with an !important declaration, as well as applying an animation to the element that changes the text color to blue.

According to the CSS Cascading and Inheritance specification, “Important declarations from all origins take precedence over animations.” This is confirmed in the CSS Animations specification, which states that “animations override all normal rules, but are overridden by !important rules.”

I would thus expect the text to display as red (the !important declaration) rather than blue (the color applied in the animation). In Edge, though, the animation takes precedence over the !important declaration, so the color is incorrectly displayed as blue.

For comparison, this works correctly in Firefox but fails in Chrome (which has an open issue for the bug).


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    • Note that this is a duplicate of issue 7707487. The system returned an error on my first submission so I assumed it hadn’t been received and tried again. Apologies for the duplicate.

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    • Thank you for the update about the duplicate. We are currently investigating this issue.

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