EME key IDs are byte-swapped

Issue #7774622 • Assigned to Nishant N.


Joey P.
Jun 2, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

In Edge, an EME session’s key IDs are byte-swapped from the canonical representation.

According to the spec, key IDs are an octet sequence, not a UUID. In Edge, they appear to be treated as little-endian UUIDs internally, resulting in a byte-swapped key ID in JavaScript.

For a quick demo, open the JS console and visit this page:


“6e 5a 1d 26 27 57 47 d7 80 46 ea a5 d1 d3 4b 5a” is canonical.
“26 1d 5a 6e 57 27 d7 47 80 46 ea a5 d1 d3 4b 5a” is what Edge reports.


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