Edge - Bug/Flaw in taskbar when auto hide is enabled....

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Jun 7, 2016
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If I have some open tabs, for example 3 tabs, 1.Facebook, 2.YouTube and 3.Twitter, and if the Windows taskbar is with the option auto-hide enabled, if I move any of these tabs in Edge, the taskbar will rise, WTF ??? I’m just moving a tab within Edge and not starting some new program. Not happens always.

(Creating separate bug for this issue: 7898364)
Also, i found a flaw in Windows Start Menu, some apps in “All Apps” are organised by shortcut description and not by name, for example the “Filmora” software should appear on letter "F", right ? But appears way down there, in W letter, because in app description the name is "Wondershare Filmora", so this is a flaw because the executable is called filmora.exe and the shortcut too, this is should be fixed, please send to the responsible team, because I wont do it.


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    • I have not been able to repro the behavior you described (when testing with multiple builds of Win 10) but will pass the item to the team responsible as you have requested.

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