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Carmen L.
Jun 14, 2016
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Your microsoft edge browser is a piece of garbage. You say that is the safest browser for what? No for making purchases online. I did a purchase online using your garbage microsoft edge browser. My credit card got duplicated because you don’t allow “Norton” to attach itself to the browser to make sure that I am protected. Your garbage browser doesn’t offer no protection at all whatsoever when it comes to people like me making payments or purchases online. I will never ever use microsoft edge ever again neither will I use Internet explorer which is another piece of garbage. Your company should be held responsible when something like this happens to people like me. I had to cancel out my debit card with my credit union have to go tomorrow to my branch reissue me a new card. So far my card had been used in Indianapolis, Indiana and New York a total of $270.00 in purchases which aren’t mine. This all happened today when I went and order some supplements believing what you advertised that your browser is a safe browser when in reality it isn’t is a total piece of garbage.

Have a nice day,

Carmen A. Lopez


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

    • Thank you for taking time to file this issue, I’m sorry to hear about this,. I’ll have you know that this website is for Web Platform issues, not general Windows issues.


      I can assure you that your credit card being stolen has nothing to do with Microsoft Edge and everything to do with the websites you visited and/or a virus installed on your computer. Microsoft Edge has seen no zero-day exploit since it was first realeased, making it the safest browser by today’s standards. No company - Microsoft included - can promise you perfection, but you’re safer with us than anybody else.


      Antivirus software are not allowed to run in Microsoft Edge because antivirus software are a frequent cause of crashes and performance issues for our users due, and we offer better solutions for antivirus software to provide security at others level of the Windows platform, directly in the Networking stacks.


      Trust us, your security is better guaranteed by antivirus software that work at these levels than directly in your browser, where it must run alongside other potentially unsafe code and where their bugs can be used to obtain code elevation privileges.

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